fundamental friday: family

Hello all! Welcome back to Courageously Concerned. Today’s fundamental is family! Earlier this week, my family and I were in three different states at the same time! Kentucky. Texas. Georgia. That made me realize even more how blessed I am to have a family like mine!

First off, I definitely consider myself family oriented… God really did me good.

My family is fundamental to me because I get good laughs, great food, good conversations, good love, and everything in between.

One thing my family does that I have come to realize that I might take for granted is family meals, specifically dinner.  For as long I can remember we have always eaten dinner together; be it after church, after a basketball game, or before a movie. Before we eat we stand in the middle of the kitchen and say a prayer, it’s usually my Dad (or Simeon) who does the prayer.

Those dinners are so important to me. Just to sit down and talk about life and have some laughs is relaxing and, simply put, I believe they strengthen our family dynamics.

Since I’ve been away from home, I’ve been missing those sit-down dinners. My sister and brother are always quick to get us laughing. Then they might imitate how Dad acts at work or how Momma acts while watching Emerald play basketball.

The sense of life and love at our dinners is something I hope everyone can experience!

My family has been through it all with me, from academics to church to sports. I can tell you 100% that my Mom has never missed a soccer or basketball game while I played in high school. Even in college, my Mom was there for my sporting events.

My Dad has always been the one to remind me to have thick skin, and I am so grateful for those reminders because it is something I definitely will need as I pursue my passions with this blog.

My sister is my ace. She is my best of best friends. We’re only a year-and-a-half apart. She always got my back. I wish we could back in time and play soccer and basketball together, or be in Spanish class together again.

Then there’s my baby brother. The little boy I prayed for. He is the energy in the household. He is my constant reminder to agitate for better for all of God’s people.

My family really is something special and I forever grateful that God blessed me to be the big sister and eldest daughter. I really got it good.

Through the thick and thin, my family has been there. Because let’s face it, there always valleys and mountains to face and there is bound to be negativity and tough times in the air. I am just glad that as we go through tough times and valleys and mountains we stay with each other through it all.

Today’s fundamental has been family! Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about my awesome family. Comment below about your family/support system.

Keep Glowing, 


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