Even A Disney Princess Knows

In case you didn’t know our favorite Princess from Genovia shared her thoughts on the killing of Nia Wilson, an unarmed Black 18-year-old woman. I simply wish other Disney Princesses like the wonderful Anne Hathaway, and others alike (including you and me) would take time to recognize the power and influence of our words.

As we all do with Disney Princesses, I marveled over what Mia Thermapols (AKA Anne Hathaway) said! Below you can find her instagram post, filled with COURAGEOUS CONCERN.

anne hathaway post

Nia Wilson was brutally stabbed to death by John Cowell, a white man, on July 22, 22018, around 9:36 pm, at the MacArthur Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART for short). Her sister, Lahtifa Wilson, 26, was also stabbed by Cowell as well.

Before we make any assumptions that this horrific crime was racially motivated, we need to wait for all the facts to be released.

However, whether this killing was racially motivated or not, a disservice and injustice was done to the Oakland community. How can an armed and dangerous individual, such as Cowell, be on the loose for 24 hours?

Cowell was arrested the following Monday night, July 23, 2018.

This case rocked so many within the Oakland community, California community, Black community, and world community… The cries for justice, the cries from pain, and the cries from frustration could be heard, but they were not loud enough to capture the national headline news. Simply said, no one would #SayHerName .

Often, in the United States of America, cases such as these take a back seat to white girls who have gone missing. These cases are not said in the same breath, like they should be. However, the killing of an unarmed Black woman is swept under the rug, whereas all news crews point their attention to bringing the white girl home.

It is almost like the United States tells black people their lives are not as worthy and meaningful as a white person’s life.

Also, I want you to be aware that this is not the fisrt unarmed killing on the BART station.

First off, please understand, that during the time of Nia Wilson’s murder, she was the third death in five days on the BART system… Each victim passed away due to an assault that occurred on the BART system.

Again, this a disservice to the Oakland community and surrounding communities! 

Wednesday (July 18, 2018): Gerald Bisbee, 51,  was assaulted at the Pleasant Hill Station in Walnut Creek. He had a minor bloody lip and cut on the back of his knee. The next day, Thursday, he want to the hospital because he was not feeling well. One Friday he was found dead in bed. As revealed by the autopsy, the cause of death was from an infection in his knee.

Saturday (July 21, 2018):  Don Stevens, 47, was injured on a platform in the Bay Fair Station (Sand Leandro, south of Oakland). After being struck in side of the head adn falling onto the cement ground, he was declared brain dead… the suspect is still unidentified.

Sunday (July, 22, 2018): Nia Wilson, 18, was stabbed to death.

That is three deaths in five days. All occurring from the BART system. #SayTheirNames

Lastly, do you remember your New Year’s Day, January 1st, of 2009? For some their day consisted of bubbly, fireworks, staying up late, or eating collard greens, but for Oscar Grant III’s family and friends that day is painful. Maybe you know where I am going with this because you saw the movie, Fruitvale Station. 

In BART’s Fruitvale station  Oscar Grant III was shot and killed by BART police officer, Johannes Mehserle,with his friends and bystanders as witnesses. He was unarmed.

Grant and his friends were pulled of the train station for allegedy fighting. Mehserke shot Grant as he lay on the ground with the other officers pining him down with their knees.

The BART system must do better to protect the people they serve. Their history of not protecting all the people who board their trains is evident and something mus be done. Three deaths in five days is too much, one death in one day is too much.

This is the type of things we have to be courageous enough to bring to the light for others to see.

You do not have to live in California to be disturbed and/or outraged by what is occurring. Remember, as Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “A threat to justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

I pray that what you can walk away from reading this feeling empowered, knowledgeable and ready to impact where you are with your words. Be like Princess Mia and speak the truth so that others may learn from it.

Keep Glowing, 


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