Open Letter: Dear Comfort-Zone

Hey, again, everyone! I hope you are enjoying these open letters. Like I said before in the first Open Letter post , I really enjoy writing letters. So, I only pray you get something from these… whether it be you writing your own letters to fully express yourself or just simple relief or empowerment. I only hope you get something. Let me know what I should write to next!

This particular letter is inspired by something my Momma always tells me “Get out of your comfort zone”. 

Keep Glowing, A

Dear Comfort-Zone,

I am officially leaving you for good.There, I said it for the whole web to be a witness.

This departure is on a good note. I have no ill will, just an understanding… An understanding that if I stay within your limits I will only be holding myself back.

There are so many opportunities, be it internships, people and relationships, or traveling, that I will miss if I stay with you. I have to grow, just not with you.

Comfort-Zone, nothing spectacular ever happens within you. Just mediocrity at best. And I am no mediocre person. I refuse to become one… and that is what will happen if I stay with you. Within your limits there are walls, accomplishements that I cannot past.

I am breaking from you and your walls officially! Yes, I know it will hurt a little being a part. Uncomfortable to say the least. But, you know, no great things in history have ever occurred within a Comfort-Zone. It has never happened that way.

I have out grown you.  Simply put. I am ready. I am, get this:

Comfortable with being uncomfortable.

So long. Also, so it is clear, I plan on not returning.




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