fundamental friday: Fighting Desensitization& Immunizations On Things That Matter

Hi, everyone! Welcome to today’s fundamental! In case, you haven’t been in the news this past weekend, I would like to make you aware that another shooting occurred in the US, taking two innocent lives…

First off, I would like to make it clear that I am not here to be “democratic”,  nor do I intend to be “republican” when it comes to acts like this… Whatever that means.

I, however, do intend to be humane and moral. Because, let’s face it, morality and loving all of God’s people has no party.

Ask yourself, “Am I becoming immune to events like this? Am I being desensitized to events like this?”

Personally, I feel we, as a nation, are becoming immune to these type of events. You know, the one where innocent lives are taken with a gun.  Sad and angering to say, but events like this are a recurrence.

It starts to become something like a regular headline on the daily/nightly news.  Flick to CNN, Fox, MSNBC, anything, and a similar headline appears for all.

Does gun violence still make you red with anger?

Does it make you feel broken inside because someone’s life was unnecessarily ended?

Or, do you find yourself turning to the next channel, already inferring the type of story that is about to unfold?

Or, do you think of this event for the next couple of hours then move on?

The Washington Post has a very insightful and concrete post, The terrible numbers that grow with each mass shooting, that provides factual and reliable information about the mass shootings that have occurred in the US.

For the sake of accuracy, I painfully want to let you know that the Washington Post is consistently updating, the post; the most recent update being June 29, 2018… The day after Annapolis, Maryland’s The Capital Gazette newspaper shooting.

I just want to take a moment to point out some information that had an impact on me. Here is a slice of what the Washington Post has in their article:

  • “154 Mass Shootings in the US”
  • “7,075 gun related deaths”
  • “168 of mass shooter’s weapons were obtained legally”
  • “1,102 people have been killed”
  • “158 shooters… all but 3 were men”

Please take a moment to roam around this post. It is well put together and shows us why we cannot be desensitized and immune to information like this!

We have to fight this  desensitization and immunization!

How do we fight it? So glad you asked.

Never get comfortable with the narrative. First, learn all the facts. Go seek answers from many sides of the spectrum. Once you have the answers seek ways to stop there being more questions with the same subject.

Start locally. Then find your local senators (AKA congressmen/congresswomen) and tell them your concerns! Click to find your senator and representative now! Also, don’t forget:


Comment what you think and what you plan on telling your senator and representative! I want to hear your opinion too!

Keep Glowing, 


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