Fundamental Friday: GET REGISTERED & VOTE

Hi, everyone! I hope your week was productive and you allowed your light to shine!

Today’s Fundamental Friday is simple: GET REGISTERED and VOTE!!

(yes, this post is for you too, even if you are already registered/ an active voter!)

The fundamental for today is getting and registered and voting. The time is truly now! Although I say today’s fundamental is voting we cannot forget that voting was a right often denied to many people before us.

Something to fundamental to our republic was consistently denied to people because of their skin tone.

You should vote because this right was not simply handed over. College students, pastors and priests, activists, all types of LEADERS, died for us all to have the chance to vote.

I voted for the first time this summer and to walk in that voting booth and not be berated or targeted, or denied the chance to vote because of my skin was so emotional for me. (Yes, I am an emotional person.) But, **that** feeling was overwhelming. Real people. My own family members were killed because they wanted to make their voice heard.

I don’t want to keep going on that day because I am literally getting teary eyed from thinking about how blessed and grateful I am to all the foot soldiers, all the Medgar Evers, all the bold students, all those who braved the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, AL… the list goes on, on, and on.

I won’t keep you here long… promise. I simply want to make you aware and empower you to make a political decision!

Also, fun fact, I got certified to help people register to vote! So, let’s do this thing!

Right now there is so much going on around us that we have to vote.

I am ecstatic to hit the polls in my first mid-term election because I am pumped up about the change I am ready to see and be a part of! Please, wherever you are, be it Georgia or California, Florida, Texas, or Wyoming, please join me in this change!

Quick fact: deadline to register is approaching fast…

For all my Georgia Peaches out there your deadline to register is October 9th!

But! DO NOT PANIC! There are some user-friendly and simple ways to get the info on how/where to register. Depending on your state, you might even be able to go ahead and vote on online. Click this link to find out if your state does online registration, you’d be surprised to see how many states actually have it! They provide you with your respective state’s website.

Here are a couple of nonpartisan websites to help you get registered. I have checked them out as well as directed my peers to them to get registered.  – an official (nonpartisan)government website

When We All Vote – Michelle Obama’s (nonpartisan) non-profit

(Side-note, I went to a voter registration with When We All Vote!)

Okay, When We All Vote also has a text service to get you registered, which I think is super useful. I helped someone from Ohio get registered using the this option and that person thought it was really easy!

Text “WeAllVote” to 97779 to jump-start your voter registration process from the comfort of your own phone!

That is all for today’s very important fundamental: GETTING REGISTERED TO VOTE! I hope I was able to provide you with new information on ways to register… Or with some information you can pass along to those around you who are not registered. Comment below with what state your registered with or how you plan on getting those around registered!

Remember after you get confirmation of your voter register go to the polls and let your voice/opinion be known!!!!

Keep Glowing, 


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