Happy Birthday, Rev. Dr. King!

Today is Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday. I thank God for allowing Dr. King to serve and speak his mind for all to hear!

As I reflect on Dr. King and some his speeches, like “Drum Major For Change”, I am thankful that I have a leader like Dr. King (among others) to look up to and simply admire.

My admiration comes from his ability to love all of God’s people. His leadership and public speaking abilities were next level… even compared to today’s standards.

I won’t say names, because I don’t want to distract from the main idea, but I wish our leaders today would take some notes, like “The Poor People’s Campaign”, and learn to love ALL of God’s people.

He led confidently and remained God-fearing, yet fearless in the pursuit of a better tomorrow.

I will also say, as I reflect on Dr. King and his visions and missions, I implore everyone to not simply quote him. Hate to break it to you, but by typing King quotes into Facebook and Twitter that simply is not enough. Where is the impact?

Put your phone down and act. Actions will always speak louder than words!

As we reflect on Dr. King and the accomplishments he and other civil rights leaders, like Malcolm X and John Lewis, and foot soldiers brought, we must not forget that we have to continue their work!

If anything, we are just getting started!

Below is a picture of me (two years ago) at the Lorraine Motel in Tennessee, where Dr. King was assassinated. Prestntly, it is known as the National Civil Rights Museum. I highly recommend you make time to travel and visit!

I smile because Dr. King, among others, has started this amazing and difficult climb to the “Mountaintop” and I aim on finishing it! (I hope you’d join me.)

Keep Glowing,


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