January 21st was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and I made it a day of reflection & responsibility and listening & learning. Here’s my recap!

As I got up to get ready for the march the weather was about 30 degrees farenheit… but it felt like 21 degrees. So, in putting on layer after layer I reflected on who came before me and how they braved uncomfortable weathers like this. Also, on top of these crazy weathers, the people who came before me faced people taunting them and dogs and beatings.

To say I was grateful was not even the right word! It’s not enough of a word.

I reflected because as I entered Atlanta and the streets I was not fearing for my life or nervous that dogs or water hoses would be turned on me.

I was enjoying myself, even! This march was fun. Seeing different people being humane and simply being light is wonderful. We need more to see more of those moments; I know I do.

My reflection soon turned into responsibility.

I owed it to my ancestors, everyone before me, and everyone after me to improve Dr. King’s legacy and add on to it.

I recognized as I watched some of the march, before entering it myself, that we all still have work to be done!

Posters like these and seeing young children hold up signs reminds me that I must do more.

To allow so many people to loose their lives and not expound upon and improve the legacy and change they left behind would be wrong… Wait, that is wrong!


Of course, I went by the King Center to pay my respects.

This marked my 6th or 7th time at the King Historic district and, let me tell you! It’s always mesmerizing and influential! And just simply beautifully historic.

Reflection and Responsibility! That is how I spent my King Day. Then learning and listening from others to see how I can create some change.

Keep Glowing,

๐Ÿ’• Adoris

P.s. my shirt says “well behaved women seldom make history” and on it is Rosa Parks, Fannie Lou Hamier, Angela Davis, & Harriet Tubman.

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