February 1st

It’s FEBRUARY FIRST… So you know what that means! πŸ˜† Happy Black History Month to Everyone!

To kick off Black History Month, I would like to take a few moments to acknowledge a little known, but very important, Black History Maker:

Alonzo Herndon

Herndon was born a slave in 1858 in Social Circle, GA but refused to let his current position of slavery and illiteracy deter him from his potential.

Later, as a successful barber, Herndon opened up three big barbershops in Atlanta, GA for wealthy white men.

Because of his barbershops’ success and his entrepreneurial spirit, Herndon was able to create The Atlanta Life Insurance Company.

Herndon’s insurance company was one of the most successful black owned and operated companies in the entire nation! It is still in operation today.

Herndon soon became one of the first Black millionaires in the United States of America!

One element of Alonzo Herndon that I appreciate is his philanthropic spirit.

Herndon donated money to Atlanta University, presently known as Clark Atlanta University. He was involved in many local churches, nonprofits, and businesses. His philanthropic attitudes are evident as Morris Brown College named the only two-sided stadium within the Atlanta University Center after him!

Herndon passed away on July 21, 1927 at sixty-nine years old. He accomplished so much in sixty-nine years.

His life and legacy show us that your current situation is not your final destination.

I highlighted Alonzo Herndon because I feel likd he does not get the glory he deserves. Period.

He went from being an illiterate slave to an entrepreneur creating and owning a very successful insurance company.

All through his struggles, success, and status he still helped his community. He invested in his community.

He shows us how to work hard, maintain, and give along the way.


I hope you enjoyed the first day of Black History Month. I also hope you appreciate this quick history on **the** Alonzo Herndon, one of the first Black millionaires in the entire nation.

I look forward to sharing more unknown Black History facts with you throughout the month!

Can’t wait to share more of our history… Because Black History is an American History.

Keep Glowing,

πŸ’• Adoris

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