be a part of the ¢hange.

¢hange cheesecake are mini new york style cheesecakes. tiny in size but big in taste & ¢hange.

Purchasing (AKA eating) a ¢hange cheesecake means you are being a part of the change! With every ¢hange cheesecake order placed, proceeds go towards positive change in our community.

Want to partner in the ¢hange? Order Your ¢hange cheesecake Now!

To order DM on Instagram (@changecheesecake) or use the form below. Round up to make your contribution even greater! You will receive a text and/or email confirmation with your order.

How to Order:

Step One:

Choose your mini cheesecake size.

Step Two:

Pick your crust: honey graham cracker, Oreo, or brown sugar pecan.

Step Three:

Want a little more ¢hange? For an additional charge, add a fill-in: Oreos, pecans, chocolate chips.

The Nickel Cheesecake
A 2 inch mini cheesecake that is just what you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. This size cheesecake is great for parties, special occasions, or gifts for teachers.

The Dime Cheesecake
The Dime Cheesecake is a true dime because of its perfect size. A 4 inch mini cheesecake enough to share.. or not! This cheesecake is also great for gifts

The Silver Dollar Cheesecake
A 6 inch mini cheesecake. This bigger size is fit for great for sharing.

¢hange cheesecake

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