Open Letter: Dear Comfort-Zone

Hey, again, everyone! I hope you are enjoying these open letters. Like I said before in the first Open Letter post , I really enjoy writing letters. So, I only pray you get something from these... whether it be you writing your own letters to fully express yourself or just simple relief or empowerment. I only hope… Continue reading Open Letter: Dear Comfort-Zone

Even A Disney Princess Knows

In case you didn't know our favorite Princess from Genovia shared her thoughts on the killing of Nia Wilson, an unarmed Black 18-year-old woman. I simply wish other Disney Princesses like the wonderful Anne Hathaway, and others alike (including you and me) would take time to recognize the power and influence of our words. As… Continue reading Even A Disney Princess Knows

Open Letter: Dear Racism

If you know me, then you know I love writing letters. Writing letters seems to be the easiest and most direct way, for me, to put my (many) emotions and thoughts into words. All credit goes to my lovely Momma for instilling this in me. I aim to be courageous for us all and address certain… Continue reading Open Letter: Dear Racism

fundamental friday: using your voice

Hi, again, and thanks for stopping by to read another post on the fundamental friday series! So, today's fundamental is using your voice. In my nineteen years of life, every year has been full of active talking. I am not hesitant to admit I am a talker! Even though I am very loquacious, this post… Continue reading fundamental friday: using your voice

fundamental friday: family

Hello all! Welcome back to Courageously Concerned. Today's fundamental is family! Earlier this week, my family and I were in three different states at the same time! Kentucky. Texas. Georgia. That made me realize even more how blessed I am to have a family like mine! First off, I definitely consider myself family oriented... God… Continue reading fundamental friday: family

fundamental friday: God & The Impossible

Happy Friday! Hope you had a productive, good-food type of week. We are in the second week of fundamental fridays and, simply put, I am just excited and thankful to be able to write and articulate my (many) feelings. So, for the second fundamental I want to write about my Faith. I just feel it… Continue reading fundamental friday: God & The Impossible

fundamental fridays: service

Hey, there! Ecstatic. Excited. Nervous. Ready. Those are just a few words that can describe me as I begin this new series. I truly hope that you can take something away from these Friday posts or just pocket it for later! This is the first post of FUNDAMENTAL FRIDAYS! (In case you missed my last… Continue reading fundamental fridays: service