fundamental friday: Fighting Desensitization& Immunizations On Things That Matter

Hi, everyone! Welcome to today’s fundamental! In case, you haven’t been in the news this past weekend, I would like to make you aware that another shooting occurred in the US, taking two innocent lives…

First off, I would like to make it clear that I am not here to be “democratic”,  nor do I intend to be “republican” when it comes to acts like this… Whatever that means.

I, however, do intend to be humane and moral. Because, let’s face it, morality and loving all of God’s people has no party.

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fundamental friday: using your voice

Hi, again, and thanks for stopping by to read another post on the fundamental friday series! So, today’s fundamental is using your voice. In my nineteen years of life, every year has been full of active talking. I am not hesitant to admit I am a talker! Even though I am very loquacious, this post is post is simply not about talking. I want to talk about using your voice to impact  P O S I T I V E  C H A N G E ! 

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