fundamental friday: Fighting Desensitization& Immunizations On Things That Matter

Hi, everyone! Welcome to today’s fundamental! In case, you haven’t been in the news this past weekend, I would like to make you aware that another shooting occurred in the US, taking two innocent lives…

First off, I would like to make it clear that I am not here to be “democratic”,  nor do I intend to be “republican” when it comes to acts like this… Whatever that means.

I, however, do intend to be humane and moral. Because, let’s face it, morality and loving all of God’s people has no party.

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Open Letter: Dear Comfort-Zone

Hey, again, everyone! I hope you are enjoying these open letters. Like I said before in the first Open Letter post , I really enjoy writing letters. So, I only pray you get something from these… whether it be you writing your own letters to fully express yourself or just simple relief or empowerment. I only hope you get something. Let me know what I should write to next!

This particular letter is inspired by something my Momma always tells me “Get out of your comfort zone”. 

Keep Glowing, A

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Open Letter: Dear Racism

If you know me, then you know I love writing letters. Writing letters seems to be the easiest and most direct way, for me, to put my (many) emotions and thoughts into words. All credit goes to my lovely Momma for instilling this in me. I aim to be courageous for us all and address certain ideas, motifs, beliefs, words, things; anything of value to you and me… in a flow-y, stream of conscious letter. Let me know what you think & what you would like to see next! 

~ Keep Glowing, Adoris

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