God-fearing Big sister, servant-leader using my voice to impact positive change for my little brother.

circa 2010


Courageously Concerned is a blog that has remained a forever thought because, quite frankly, I am never settled in what I have done, or what I do with this platform.

I was encouraged by my Momma to create this blog. She told me to use this platform to boldly and courageously inform people of my concerns and create some change.

It was time I used my voice and put some action behind it.

When the idea was rolling on in my head [which was almost five years ago now] I was hurt by all that was occurring in our national community.

The unarmed killing of Black men and women in America was painful to hear about. As I tuned into CNN, Twitter, Facebook, there seemed to be some negative news about a Black life lost. It was all over every media outlet. It shattered me, it continues to… every. single. time.

The idea that my baby brother, whom I see as a leader, intelligent, a great dancer, an amazing actor, an innovator, filmmaker, and so many other things, has to grow up in a world like this, where his skin color could possibly put a negative label on him, was terrifying. Not everyone is bound to see him in the positive light like I do.

Circa 2020

This has to change for all the little Simeons in the world.

Courageously Concerned is here to not only shed a light and start the conversation on various concerns and issues, but to encourage others to seek the unfiltered truth…

I see so much around me that I want to improve, and in some instances change, for my brother and others: the education system, the curriculum our teachers teach, the filtering of history, the lack of diversity in our books and media, the disparities among’ wealth, the prison system and so-so much more!

I have learned, from my parents’ actions, that when you truly love someone or something you challenge them to do better. It is a constant challenge, at times it is tough love. [Emphasis on love.] So, here I am challenging my nation, challenging my former school system, and challenging so much more. But I do it out love and expectation that we can do better. It definitely takes a lot of courage.

Why be so audacious? Well, because I am told to be Courageously Concerned: Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.

It is not easy. My appreciation for leaders I look up to has grown immensely…Because if I am experiencing this on a small scale, I can only imagine how they felt on a larger scale…

Thank you for entering this journey with me! Together, we will be courageous on this journey towards greater.

This isn’t just my blog, it’s our’s… So, stay in touch and share your concerns with me.