God-fearing Big sister, servant-leader using my voice to impact positive change for my little brother.

circa 2010

Welcome! **Does cheesy grin** I am so glad you are here! Thank you for visiting my (pizza) slice of the internet.

First off, I want you to know that Courageously Concerned is not your typical blog… It’s so much better!

I was encouraged by my Momma to create this blog. She told me to use this platform to boldly and courageously inform people of my concerns and create some change!

It was time I used my voice and put some action behind it

When the idea was rolling on in my head I was hurt by all that was occurring in our national community.

The unarmed killing of Black men in America was painful to hear about as I tuned into CNN, Twitter, Facebook; it was all over every media outlet. It shattered me, it continues to… every. single. time.

The idea that my baby brother, whom I see as intelligent, a leader, and a great dancer and actor (among other things), has to grow up in a world like this, where his skin color could possibly put a negative label on him, was terrifying. Not everyone is bound to see him in a positive light like I, and the people around, do.

This has to change for all the little Simeons in the world.

Some My Concerns:

Flint Michigan is still living with unsafe waters.

Dr. Suess is still being praised even though he and his books are covered in prejudices.

The media ALL children digest are not diverse. (This impacts the most represented child and the least represented child!)

Children’s standards in schools need to tell both sides of history.

The unarmed shooting of Black people in America.

Mass incarceration.

Voting rights.

Courageously Concerned is here to shed a light and start the conversation on concerns/issues that are being overlooked…

Thank you for entering this journey with me! Together, we will be courageous on this journey towards greater.

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Keep Glowing,