Unbought & Unbossed

Today's Black History highlight goes to a woman who has paved the ways for others and was the first of many titles. You had a little hint with the title... Any guesses who she might be? If you guessed Shirley Chisholm you are correct! Today's post is honoring her legacy and boldness. Chisolm does not… Continue reading Unbought & Unbossed

February 1st

It's FEBRUARY FIRST... So you know what that means! ๐Ÿ˜† Happy Black History Month to Everyone! To kick off Black History Month, I would like to take a few moments to acknowledge a little known, but very important, Black History Maker: Alonzo Herndon Herndon was born a slave in 1858 in Social Circle, GA but… Continue reading February 1st


January 21st was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and I made it a day of reflection & responsibility and listening & learning. Here's my recap! As I got up to get ready for the march the weather was about 30 degrees farenheit... but it felt like 21 degrees. So, in putting on layer after layer… Continue reading RECAP: MLK DAY!

Happy Birthday, Rev. Dr. King!

Today is Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday. I thank God for allowing Dr. King to serve and speak his mind for all to hear! As I reflect on Dr. King and some his speeches, like "Drum Major For Change", I am thankful that I have a leader like Dr. King (among others) to look… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Rev. Dr. King!

I Don’t Like Running, But…

As I got up this morning I had so much on my mind... Being completely transparent, I still have a lot on my mind. With my mind racing, I forced myself to get up and go on a 30 minute run. Now, I don't like to run (๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜…) but I needed some me-time to reflect… Continue reading I Don’t Like Running, But…

There Are So Many Starrs Out There…

I (literally) just watched the amazing movie that is The Hate U Give and I have so much running through my mind right now. (no spoilers ahead) There Are So Many Starrs Out There! HONEST MOMENT: I find myself in need of more time to properly digest this authentic film. I need to take more… Continue reading There Are So Many Starrs Out There…

Fundamental Friday: GET REGISTERED & VOTE

Hi, everyone! I hope your week was productive and you allowed your light to shine! Today's Fundamental Friday is simple: GET REGISTERED and VOTE!! (yes, this post is for you too, even if you are already registered/ an active voter!) The fundamental for today is getting and registered and voting. The time is truly now!… Continue reading Fundamental Friday: GET REGISTERED & VOTE

fundamental friday: Fighting Desensitization& Immunizations On Things That Matter

Hi, everyone! Welcome to today's fundamental! In case, you haven't been in the news this past weekend, I would like to make you aware that another shooting occurred in the US, taking two innocent lives... First off, I would like to make it clear that I am not here to be "democratic",ย  nor do I… Continue reading fundamental friday: Fighting Desensitization& Immunizations On Things That Matter