Turn Up Tuesdays Are Back!

It’s election season so you know what that means… We’re baaacckkk! 🤪 So excited to be doing Turn Up Tuesdays again with the General Election quickly approaching!

During the May 24 Primary Election we went to work and turned up at our polling places all across Georgia choosing who wanted to be our party’s representative.

Using our “Turn Up Tuesday Essential” playlist we discussed various things about the vote leading up to the May 24 Election Day. Not to mention, I had a lot of fun making the graphics and videos. For the General Election I’m going to switch things up a bit…

Before we get into the switch up, I’ve got to tell you them important part: We’ve got the General Election coming up on November 8. This is where you see your party’s presentative on the ballot plus a representative from the other party. You don’t have to vote for your party in the General Election like you did in the Primary Election.

So, Turn Up Tuesdays will be leading up to November 8 and, as always, equipping, empowering, and educating you so you can properly turn up at your polling place on (or before) November 8. Now, back to the switch up.

For the Primary Election we had an essentials playlist to get us through the first round of voting. This year we’ve got a mixtape… Can you guess the name of the mixtape?

Swipe below to see the Turn Up Tuesday’s mixtape name.

That’s right! IT AIN’T OVA. The Primary Election was just the beginning. The General Election is where we finish strong.

Be sure you’re following Courageously Concerned on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on all things voting for the General Election.

Let’s gooooooooo!

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