Honest Revelations

 Definition of REVELATION. 1a : an act of revealing or communicating divine truth. b : something that is revealed by God to humans. 2a : an act of revealing to view or making known. b : something that is revealed especially : an enlightening or astonishing disclosure shocking revelations. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

By the grace of God, I have participated in 4 protests within this past week. Each left me with a new, unique revelations.

Every movement calls for a moment of reflection…

Below are the cities I attended to protest/march (in the order I attended them) with a few pictures and my revelation(s).

Monroe, GA

REVELATION: There is no time to be silent. Our silence will be detrimental. So, with that in mind, in the words of my Momma, ‘always have your story ready that way when it’s time to tell your story you will be ready’. [Also, listen to your Moms or other women leaders in your life, they’re usually right 😉 ]

Side-note: The day before this protest I felt stuck and confused; there was so much going around me that I felt helpless. I loved my brother, Dad, and uncles too much to sit idle. Not only did I march the next day, but I also told my story. This was a moment that further propelled me deeper into the movement. [Thank you, Mom & Dad.]

Covington, GA

REVELATION: I was no longer a child watching. I realized that I have to be an active participant in order achieve change.

Side-note: In the midst or marching around the Covington Square, I was reminded that in the literal middle of our march (and our city) was/is a statue of a Condfederate soldier… Oh, the irony. But! It also reminded me of change, we are making changes.

Athens, GA

REVELATION: Seeing other students my age organize and lead Athen’s march/protest was refreshing and inspiring. We truly are the leaders of tomorrow and, for once, that statement did not seem so far away or unattainable.

Side-note: This sense of urgency for change is literally everywhere! We all have the power to come together and mobilize for positive change.

Social Circle, GA

REVELATION: I am willing and ready to go through the fire like the 3 Hebrews Boys [Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego] to dismantle systematic racism and oppression. I know that requires revolution and change, which is a steady, long process. If dismantling these systems means I need to go through the fire and be uncomfortable for a while, I believe it is worth it. And, also! Like the 3 Hebrews Boys I will dance in the fire because I serve a God who will be by my side.

Side-note: I watched my brother march with us then speak his mind about the systems that hold us all down. He made his own ‘JUSTICE’ sign. That was a great moment. I walked away from the march in in my (2nd) hometown feeling energized and hopeful. I felt equipped…

I am very thankful & grateful to have the opportunity to speak in and to my hometown.

My most honest revelation is that it is time to put action behind my words. I aspire for my protests, marches, my blog posts, and my speeches to be a catalyst for action (for myself and others).

When we are being outspoken about systematic oppression, police brutality, systematic racism, being anti-racist and so much more (!) it comes with the task of putting action behind words. It is a task, but there are doable and realistic things we all can do to get involved and stay involved.

Please join me in backing our words with persistent and powerful action.

[P.S. I socially distanced as much as possible during these protests, wore my mask (the correct way), sanitized throughout the duration, and did several other preventative measures to ensure not only the safety of myself and my family but of those around me.]

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