Turn Up Tuesdays

Yesterday, on National Voter Registration Day, Courageously Concerned launching a nonpartisan voting-centered digital campaign:


Here’s the launch video and below is if you haven’t seen it already!

Every Tuesday, expect social media posts consisting of voting reminders, registration information, facts, important dates, quotes, and so much more. We have to be informed before we entering the voting booth and while we’re in the voting booth.

The purpose of the Turn Up Tuesdays campaign is to remind us all of the power we have in our vote and to encourage others to seek that same power through voting (and registering to vote).

Now, more than ever, we need to utilize our voice. Our voice is out vote.

Turn Up Tuesdays came to life because we need to turn up to show up at the voting booths. Our voting presence must be felt, be it us going to polling locations or us submitting our absentee ballots. We cannot afford to not show up!

Please participate in Turn Up Tuesdays by sharing the message and social media posts, creating your own content, and most importantly (!) by voting. Tag your voting pictures with #TurnUpTuesdays.

Even though it’s not Tuesday, you can still turn up and register to vote, check your voter registration status, and encourage others to register and vote.

Head in over to vote.gov as a first step to registering and checking your voter registration status.

Let’s stay Turned Up about getting people registered to vote and voting! (Stay on the lookout for more Turn Up Tuesdays content!)

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