Let’s Register to Vote

Hello! In today’s post, I just want to provide some useful links as we approach the voter deadline for Georgia’s Senate Runoff election (Monday, December 7th). All eyes are on Georgia again and we need to be equipped, and the first step is registered to vote.

Getting Registered to Vote (and Checking Your Voter Registration Status)

Note: In order to register online in GA you must have a GA issued ID. Even though this video is tailored for the runoff election, the method of registering to vote remains the same, so share this information with at least five other people.

Requesting an Absentee Ballot

Note: This election, the goal is to have a quick turn around…Think making ballot requests yesterday and then after receiving your ballot having it mailed or dropped off within the next 24-48 hours. Think quick turnaround. Also! Big point here, the last *ideal* day to mail in absentee ballot in December 22nd. After that, all ballots need to be dropped off in-person before January 5th, 7:00pm.

Getting Registered to Vote

Note: If you, or anyone you know, are 17 and a half years old now and will be 18 years old before January 5th or on January 5th, you/they can register to vote. After turning 18 between now and January 5th, you’ll be officially (and legally) able to vote (YAY!). If you are 17 and a half years old and will not be 18 by January 5th, you can still register to vote, you just will not be able to vote/participate in the Senate Runoff election.

Check Your Voter Registration Status

Note: Checking your voter registration status is super important! Even if you voted recently (within the past year), your status could have been purged from the system. If you have not voted in the past two years, there is a good chance your voter status was purged. Also, if you just registered, be sure to check your status. The system is not as automatic as we’d like it to be.

That’s all for now! In the next few posts, we’ll look at key dates in this election season, how to fill out an absentee ballot, and (nonpartisan-ly) compare our candidates for Georgia’s two Senate seats. Let me know what else you want to see, discuss, or know about this election.

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