We Went Orange

With more mass shootings than we have had days in this year so far, I think we all can admit that the past couple of weeks have been emotionally draining and frustrating. Every time the TV turned on there was a new story about a mass shooting that took the innocent lives of people doing every day activities: grocery shopping, going to school, seeing a doctor, going to church, and so much more. I wrote a piece on the craziness of gun violence earlier; read it here.

We’re in a pandemic when it comes to gun violence in our nation.

To shine a light on this pandemic, we went orange for a whole week and posted facts pertaining to gun violence. Every day through National Gun Violence Awareness Day (June 3, 2022) and Wear Orange Weekend, at least one fact was posted.

Facts are facts.

Click here to see straight-forward facts from Everyown for Gun Safety.

Curious to see where your state ranks among oters when it comes to gun law strength and gun violence rate? Click here.

Unfortunately, the fact to the right is relevant for too many people.

If you are a survivor of gun violence, join the survivor network here.

These facts really made me pause, I hope they did the same for you.

Click here to take a look at Everytown for Gun Safety’s interactive map. You can see where each state in the nation ranks in gun violence and how much it costs the communities.

To gain more context and understanding of the (mindblowing) fact below, read the article here.

Looking to Get Involved?

Join these organizations’ text list to stay up-to-date.


Text “Brady” to 877-877

Mom’s Demand Action

Text “”Bold” to 644-33


Test “Universal” to 341-31

Being involved in the fight for gun control does not have to be complicated. The text resources above offer easy ways to get involved (they do all the heavy lifting). Also, being an active member of your community through mentoring, volunteering, and simply helping to build a strong community and environment is a positive step forward.

The orange coloring might end today, but the advocacy is here to stay!

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