Sacrifice, Valor, Honor

The Confederate Monument has its place in a museum, not in the middle of the Square in downtown Covington, GA.

Pictures cannot be taken on the Square without the Confederate Monument looming in the background. No matter the angle, the tainted legacy of the Confederacy lurks.

Even if you do not agree that Civil War was fought over the freeing of enslaved Black people, you can agree the Confederacy unlawfully went against the government and rebelled.

 The Confederacy lost. Why are we commemorating treasonous acts?

The Confederacy is one that took pride in enslaving and owning Black people, they knew not of human rights for all humans.

Where is the marker for the enslaved Black people who created and cultivated Covington, GA and Newton County for free?

Where are the markers to commemorate the Black babies who were stripped from their mothers during enslavement?

Where is the marker for the Black veterans who fought in the Civil War?

Where is the marker for those Black families who were torn apart and destroyed by White masters who abused mothers and whipped fathers and sold children?

The time has come to no longer celebrate legacies that include enslavement, a disdain for Black life, insurgence, and a lack of unity. 

At the center of Covington, GA we should not be “marking tombs where valor lives”, instead we should be centering on love and lives well-lived and marking the courage of ALL of our every-day heroes.

Today we need to be courageously concerned enough to not cope with the sins and horrors of the past by being silent.

Be one of those heroes I’m talking about and sign this petition

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