Words Matter: Sign Our Petition

As a history major and a young historian, I recognize the power of words and the role of governments’ role in perpetuating either the truth or the untruth . Right now, we are holding the Federal Bureau of Investigation accountable for perpetuating an extreme mischaracterization of the Black Panther Party.

Please sign and then share this petition calling for the FBI to correct their current definition of the Black Panther Party (as seen below).

This extreme mischaracterization of the Black Panther Party must be corrected. We can no longer allow for false and severely slanted information to be presented.

“We had to do a lot of damage control because there was so much misinformation [going around],” said Fred Hampton, Jr. “And it’s been recently revealed that over 73% of the information provided about the Black Panther Party was authored by the FBI. So there were many days of saying, ‘We have actual individuals who were there and who are still here who are open to not only talk about it but put it into its correct political context.’”

LA Times

We must hold the FBI and others accountable by correcting this definition. Correcting the definition will allow us to finally learn from the Black Panther Party in a way that is not filled falsities and scary words, but with truthfulness and honesty.

Click here to sign and share.

Let’s do this!

Please let me know if you are interested in being a part of our move to correct this definition and make an attempt to learn from the past by correcting the present marks the past left us. Click herehttps://courageouslyconcerned.com/contact/ to get in touch.

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