My Simeon Summer, Simeon Semester, SIMEON SAGA

If there is one thing about me people know, it’s that I love being a big sister. 2021 granted me so much time with my family, especially my (not so) little brother. It is incredibly fitting that my first post of 2022 highlight the person I spent the most time with…

Simeon Summer

We started our summer off with camp after camp. We did a mixed sports camp, then we did tennis camp, then we did swim camp. Simeon was in all my groups every week. Not to mention, I drove him to Atlanta for some acting opportunities.

My Simeon summer continued when Simeon got the great opportunity to be a part of a Prudential Insurance commercial! Next thing I know, my Mom is reminding me of passwords and addresses as Simeon, my Dad, and I were getting out of the car to board our flight to Los Angles, California.

Seeing my baby brother in his element was something else. He had his own air conditioned trailer. He was fitted for custom costumes. Golf carts were taking us everywhere.

Because Simeon was under 18, an adult/guardian had to be present with him at allllll times. Guess who that was? Yes, me! So, if he had to be in the mountains in 98 degree, I had too be there. Simeon getting his costume fixed, I was there too! Every two minutes I heard the commercial staff yelling, “We need Simeon’s sister!”, “Where’s Simeon’s sister?” I was with Simeon every moment of that commercial. It’s something I will never forget.

I mean, he did so great! I literally saw his hardwork come to fruition. Not to mention, I assisted my Mom with recording his many auditions for the commercial.

Our summer was packed with sneaky ice cream trips, trips to New York, New Jersey, California, summer camps, and much, much more.

So, once school started for Simeon, I (naively) thought my Simeon Summer was going to come to an end, after all, he was the center of my summer. Nope. I was so, soooo wrong. So then began the Simeon Semester.

Simeon Semester

Fall semester, whew, eventful and busy! : )

I had the pleasure of helping my Mom plan Simeon’s cool 13th birthday (I got the privilege to make his Rice Krispy cake) and coaching Simeon in both his soccer teams. Then we made the transition from soccer to basketball. I took him trick-or-treating and we both dressed up for the premier of Spider-Man: No Way Home. (Yes, I passed my love of Spider-Man to Simeon.) My Simeon Semester was filled with games and plenty of visits to Tokyo [the restaurant, for all my non-locals]. I saw him get taller (!!), get stronger academically and in his sports. In fact, Simeon has gotten so tall, I feel some type of way when he stands too close to me.

Not pictured is us driving to listen to Kanye West’s newest album, Donda, and The Weeknd’s new album, Dawn FM, in full… as in, we are driving nonstop to listen to the hour long album. Also, not pictured is us dancing in the living room, and Simeon showing me new songs andddd songs he’s created himself (!!).

Simeon Saga

I have come to the realization that my Simeon Semester did not end but simply transitioned into the now… SIMEON SAGA.

We started this new Saga with snow. I can’t wait to see what more is in store for us.

I realize more and more how much of a privilege it is that I get to play such a role in my brother’s life. I am thankful that my Mom and Dad not only allow me but trust me enough to be the best big sister to Simeon that I can. This upcoming spring, I’m looking forward to more soccer and more trips to Tokyo, (and when the weather warms up) eating ice scream. (What I’m not looking forward to is Simeon being able to look me directly in my eye👎🏽😭)

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