Planting Seeds of Craziness

In total honesty, I’m in a borderline manic state thinking about how we got here. HERE. I recognize there are somethings we cannot stop or prevent. Craziness and evil do exist. But! There are things we CAN do to limit (and maybe prevent?) evil and craziness. Why are we planting seeds of craziness and evil and then watering this garden?!?!?

The seeds were planted in the Texas House in June 2021, and then those seeds were watered when Texas House Bill 918 & Texas House Bill 1927 were signed into law by Governor Abbott in September 2021. This garden is sadly alive, and dare I say thriving.

In this garden of craziness, madness is encouraged by limited constraints.

In Texas, you can purchase a firearm without submitting fingerprints, without getting training, and without getting a conceal carry license. That’s a reality just 8 months after Governor Abbot signed HB 1927 into law.

Again, we can’t stop craziness and evil, but we can limit it. So why we are removing barriers?

In Texas on your 18th birthday, you can walk into a firearm store and swiftly buy a firearm with little to no questions. It’s kind of that simple in Texas. That’s a reality just 8 months after Governor Abbot signed HB 918 into law.

And now, we’re here. HERE. And it’s somewhere I don’t want to be.

Georgia is on the way to being next, when it comes to planting and watering these seeds of craziness and evil. Texas is not an island, and not it’s really that unique either. It’s our whole nation that is struggling with this issue.

The thing is bills like this are already being presented and passed in Georgia. Read my post on it here.

We all deserve to live in gardens that are thriving out of grace, accountability, access, equity, and so much more.

I’ll definitely admit that it is difficult to be aware and up to date regarding what bills are being presented before our state representatives and state senators, yet alone what that bills say.

The good thing is, there’s no one way to get involved and there are already organizations in this fight. Click on the links below to learn about gun rights, how to get involved and to simply stay up to date. I also highly suggest signing up for their text messages. (These three never spam you with texts!)

If you need a breakdown of the Texas laws I mentioned, please let me know. I write and post pieces like these so they can be conversation-starters. So, I look forward to the conversation. 💛

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